Bamboo blanks and kits

 Bamboo fly rods 101

When selecting a quality bamboo fly rod blank, the details matter.  I have handled several  imported and domestic blanks that just don’t fish well.  Although the prices may be good, you can end up with a truly inferior product that does not represent the true magic of fishing bamboo. The blanks we offer are top-of-the-line heirloom quality.  

A quality blank starts with quality bamboo.  The standard material is Tonkin cane.  Tonkin has distinctive “powerfibers” running the length of the blank, and these powerfibers provide the strength and flexibility that makes bamboo rod such a pleasure to cast.  With quality bamboo in hand, the next selection is the taper. 

The taper is a set of measurements to which the bamboo is planed (shaped). The taper will determine the length, line weight, and action of the rod.  There are countless tapers available.  We have selected three tapers* from classic (golden age) bamboo rod builders (Dickerson, Leonard, and Payne).  Each taper has it own handling characteristics which we detail in the description.  Once the taper is selected, we move on to the ferrules.

The ferrule is the bridge that connects the upper (tip section) and lower (butt section) of the rod.  Using the correct ferrules is critical. Select the wrong type (length, size, step-down, truncated, etc…) and the taper just doesn’t work like it was meant to.  A bamboo fly rod is a system and when one part does not match the whole system will not be in harmony.  If the ferrule is too long, you introduce a “stiff” spot into the taper and it just doesn’t fish well.  If the ferrule is too small, you create a “hinge” where the sections are out of balance with each other.  Each of the blanks we offer are equipped with handmade ferrules that perfectly match the taper they were designed for.  If you want a Dickerson taper your rod will come with Dickerson ferrules.  Same for Leonard, and Payne. 

Finally, there is the attention to detail when it comes to craftsmanship.  A good rodmaker will consider how the nodes are staggered to maximize strength, what type of glue is used to construct the blank, and more. All of our blanks are made by hand, one at a time in Virginia.  The maker has over 20 years’ experience and his workmanship is highly respected.  The blanks we offer check every box.  You will receive a top-of-the-line blank built professionally from tip to butt and every inch between. 

 *If you would like a different taper we are happy to custom order it for you.  Please drop us a line at: